Pandumirapakayalu – 1/2 kg

Garlic cloves -1

Tamarind -lemon size

Salt – 1 tbsp

Oil -2 tbsp


Wash pandumirapakayalu and let them air dry for one hour. Remove the stalks and cut them into half. Keep it aside.

Mean while heat oil in a pan, add red chilles and tamarind and fry  for  3 to 4 minutes. Turn of the stove. Cool it and grind it with tamarind , garlic and salt to a coarse paste without water. Stir well and store it in a glass jar . Store in refrigerator. This paste can be used for making chutneys , curries and fries .

Note- Will post more recipes using pandumirapakaya paste soon. :)



Onions large size – 3 [ cut into cubes ]

Ginger -2 inch [ cut into pieces ]

Garlic – 8 cloves

Dried red chilles – 6-8

Coriander seeds – 2 tbsp

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp


Grind all the above ingredients to a smooth paste without adding water. Store in a glass jar and keep it in the fridge. (will last for 1 week if stored in the fridge)

Suggestion – Can be used in all types of gravy curries.